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Gorgeous British lady Denise Davies slowly seduces you over her camera by moving and showing you her giant titties. After that, she slowly lays on the bed only to put her hand down her pants. But, not after caressing her sweet boobies first. She starts touching her boobs slowly and casually moving her fingers to her nipples. After that, she starts gently touching them, and grabbing them with her fingers, or just slowly dragging her fingers over her tits. When she was done with that, she then started to slide her hand down her belly. Inch after inch of skin, she was just closer to her belly button. So, you can basically see her touching her body slowly, but surely and securely.

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This hot 50 plus MILF is loving the weather outside. So much that she decides she is going to bathe outside, regardless of if any of her neighbors are watching or not. The MILF grabs a chair off the patio, a bucket of soap and water, and heads out to the grass. Out in the grass she teasingly plays with her breast and ass before setting down.

Once she sits down, she reaches into her bucket, pulling out a fluffy sponge and dripping in soap. She rubs the sponge all over her chest and squeezing the sponge for the soapy water runs all the way down her front, completely soaking her clothes. The MILF stands up, having to shimmy and peel her wet clothes off of her sexy body. Once out of her clothes and still all soapy, she bends over revealing her beautiful ass and pussy. The hot blonde sits back in her car, running her hands all over her body and finally down to play with her pussy.

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